Let’s Help a Friend of the Blog

Book Review Gal here in first person — good friend of the blog Steve Higgs needs help getting his Realm of the False Gods series off the ground, because so many of his ARC readers haven’t written reviews to let the reading world know about this thrilling series. As my followers know, I’ve reviewed most of Steve’s books, including the entire ROFG series, and he gave us a great interview last year. Please help Steve by buying his new box set — the first three books in the series: Untethered Magic, Unleashed Magic, and Early Shift — or reading it in Kindle Unlimited. Then leave a review — it doesn’t have to be long and detailed like mine, just a few words explaining why you liked it, perhaps what kind of reader might enjoy it. Steve is a wonderful, generous man who writes fascinating books that keep me hooked till the last page — and then I’m ready for the next one! He’s releasing an ROFG book every two weeks — Damaged but Powerful comes out April 17 — so new readers have a lot of enjoyment ahead!

Let’s pull together and help Steve get this great series off the ground. He’s been a loyal friend of the blog since its start, so it’s high time we returned the favor — especially when Amazon is offering two free months of KU to help readers cope during the COVID-19 crisis. To quote Marc Maron, do it up! Clicking the image above will take you straight to its Amazon page.

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