Chasing the Blue Sky

Toby is the last pup born to a malnourished mama pit bull chained in a dusty, bleak backyard with inadequate shelter, care, and attention. Two of his litter mates die shortly after birth, and because he’s black, he’s the last to be sold. His last view of his mother, who is never named, fills him with anxiety and sadness.

He’s initially welcomed into his new home, but soon, like his mother, is banished to the backyard. His owner buys him an winter igloo-shaped shelter under duress, but Toby is still cold, miserable, and most of all, lonely. The family rarely interacts with him, and within six months, the father uses the excuse of a coming baby to turn Toby over to a public shelter.

The little black pit bull realizes he’s been abandoned by the family he loved, and while he makes friends with other dogs and enjoys the affection of the shelter employees, his ending isn’t happy.

Chasing the Blue Sky is a difficult story and haunts readers long after the last page. However, it is an important and necessary read for anyone committed to animal welfare and rescue, especially for misunderstood breeds like pit bulls. The author, Will Lowrey, is an animal welfare attorney and knows all too well the plight of abandoned dogs who are euthanized simply because their owner isn’t willing to make the lifetime commitment of pet ownership.


For the rest of Toby’s mother’s story, visit

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