Me and My Puppy: Madison’s New Best Friend

Madison has always wanted a dog, but her parents said she’d have to be more mature to take responsibility for one. What they didn’t expect was that, while walking home from school, a tiny brown and white puppy, who was dirty and covered in bruises and scars, would pop out of a bush and surprise both of them! He was skittish and hungry, so Madison fed him her leftover half-sandwich , and he felt secure enough to let her pick him up and take him home.

As she played with him in the yard, her mom came out to see why she hadn’t come inside, and Madison talked to her about why she wanted to adopt the little dog, who she had named Tiger. Both her parents agreed to the adoption, so the family took him to the vet and made sure he had all the shots and care he needed. As they settled into their life at home, Madison was grateful she’d saved Tiger and looked forward to their life together.

This short but sweet book illustrates the needs of homeless dogs, as well as recognizing that young children can be responsible pet caregivers. Tiger alleviates Madison’s loneliness, and sweet little Tiger is safe in a loving home.

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