Double Header: A Deadly Legal Affair and A Deadly Directorial Affair

A Deadly Legal Affair

Life hasn’t been easy for Daisy McDare lately — her boyfriend dumped her for the mini-skirted local weather girl, and Cozy Creek, British Columbia doesn’t have a bustling singles scene like Vancouver or Toronto. However, the interior decorator has a new client, sleazy defense lawyer Max Cash, and although she dislikes the man, she also needs the money his office redecoration will bring, although she wonders about that after the first chaotic meeting in his venom-filled office. Good thing her best friend, Samantha Johnson, owns the Sweet Tooth bakery, where she can seek relief in sugary carbs.

She changes dog parks after running into her suddenly fitness-conscious ex, who has plenty of criticism for the padded curves he used to love. So she and Shamus, her Westie, find a dog park across town, where they meet Gavin Watson and his corgi puppy, Rosie. Like Daisy, Gavin is recovering from a bad breakup — his ex left him for a hedge fund manager in Vancouver, an affair the private investigator completely missed — and the two form a fast friendship.

Meanwhile, Daisy discovers Max is having an affair with Chloe Donaldson, his assistant, while her ex-boyfriend, Jackson Madsen, the overworked accountant, broods over how to regain her love. When Max’s wife, Brooke, threatens to divorce him, Chloe is elated, but later that day Daisy finds her red-eyed and withdrawn.

And the next day, Max is dead, his coffee poisoned.

Gavin volunteers his services to help Daisy track down the killer. She has no shortage of suspects, even when an employee is arrested, because she knows the killer is still on the loose. And when Gavin calls to give her the information he found, she realizes the two of them have figured out the identity of the murderer.

The Deadly Directorial Affair

Daisy has been hired as set decorator for an independent movie filming in Cozy Creek – Nothing Bundt Homicide, a thriller written by Isabel Foster and starring Fiona Foster, each the product of one of wealthy local David Foster’s two marriages. He’s trying to make up for years of bad fathering, so he’s forked out fifty thousand dollars to produce a movie featuring both his daughters.

However, the director, Hunter Hayworth, argues constantly with Foster about costs, while he battles with Isabel about script changes and Fiona over second-banana status to a brainless but beautiful local actress, who happens to be sharing a bed with him.

But after his fiancée catches him with Candy, he’s soon found dead from a frying pan to the back of his head, just like the victim in in the script.

After her success in solving Max Cash’s murder, the local police detective, Chris Crumple, turns to Daisy for assistance in solving Hunter’s murder. There are certainly a lot of suspects – within hours of his body being found, Fiona’s boyfriend has been promoted to director, the script has been corrected to Isabel’s satisfaction, and Candy has been demoted to second-banana status, with Fiona taking the lead. Good thing Daisy has an uninterrupted supply of goodies from Samantha’s Sweet Treats bakery, including a specially-made Bundt cake.

Gavin pitches in again, and since everybody on the set hated Hunter, the two of them are busy. But after one frustrated outburst, she figures out the identity of the killer, and Detective Crump is standing within earshot to make the arrest.

Just as Gavin lets Daisy know he’s ready to move out of the friend zone.

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