Happy Little Pine

Happy Little Pine lives in a valley with a group of big old pines, where she plays in the sun, sways in the breeze, and shows off her beautiful curly top, which is grounded by big rooty feet. However, her paradise is shattered when a man comes down from the hill one day to dig up Little Pine, roots and all, and takes her his house for his son to enjoy as the perfect Christmas tree. While Little Pine enjoys making the boy happy, the big pines are so saddened by her loss that they pack up and leave the valley without a backward glance.

As soon as the trees leave, so too vanish the streams, birds, bunnies, and all the tiny valley critters that made their homes amongst the trees, leaving the man on the hill and his son all alone.

But all isn’t lost … soon Little Pine is returned to her spot, carefully watered and nurtured by the man on the hill, and her return brings back the older trees. As all the valleys creatures come home, Little Pine enjoys the breeze and plays with her reunited friends while they all takes comfort in the promise of the man on the hill: he’ll never take Little Pine away again.

Nirdesha Munasinghe has written and illustrated a sweet, touching story about relationships, integrity, and the joys of nature. Children ages 2 – 7 will enjoy this colorful book and its cheery theme.

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