Dishing Up Deceit

Heiress Sue Ellen Baer is suddenly engaged to Wilson Lowe, who she met on an online dating site a few months earlier, and has asked Dani and Lily to cater the reception. Wilson seems like a nice enough man, but Sue Ellen is showing signs of cold feet, so Dani and Maggie start looking into his background.

Dani and Rose are also startled by the intrusion of one Ivy Mackenzie, who claims to be a long-lost relative. She takes a beach stroll shortly after her arrival, but is found with a knife buried in her back — a knife from Sea Breeze, Rose and Dani’s home.

Dani and Maggie unearth a lot of dirt about Ivy, but next to nothing about Wilson. However, Pip doesn’t like Lowe and didn’t like Mackenzie, so Dani knows something’s off-kilter, especially when Wilson pushes to move up the wedding.

And Luke wants to talk to Dani.

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