Hellcats was rapidly assembled as a fundraiser to help an elderly woman in Czechoslovakia stay in her home. The GoFundMe hasn’t yet reached its goal, but Hellcats, which was released on October 1, has helped the fund creep in the right direction.

All of the 69 stories in the collection focus on — you guessed it — hell cats. Some are sinister, like The Bundle, while others are darkly humorous, as in Can We Keep It? Science and speculative fiction reign supreme, with entries from authors such as J.A. Clement, Lawrence Schoen, and Aidan Pilkington-Burrows & Lillia Hunter. Steve Higgs contributes cozy hilarity, Sonia Rao delivers a revised fairy tale, and Erin McCabe offers a decidedly different take on Jane Eyre.

Editor Kate Pickford explains why she gathered authors to contribute to the cause and notes, “This book is truly a labor of love.” Proceeds from the anthology will benefit Erada Sargsyan, the grandmother in danger of being forced out of her home.

Erada’s GoFundMe

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