Jamie Quinn Mystery Collection: Books 1-3

Set in Hollywood, Florida, Jamie Quinn is a fly-by-the-seat-of-her-pants family law attorney who always gets it right, with a little help from her friends — especially her PI pal Duke, whose office is a barstool at The Big Easy bar.

Death by Didgeridoo

Jamie’s cousin Adam, a sweet 22-year-old with Asperger’s, is charged for the death of his music teacher, Spike (formerly of the one-hit wunderband The Screaming Zombies). Even though no one mourns the cheating, lying drummer, the state attorney has chosen to press charges against Adam, since he was found standing over Spike’s dead body by another teacher with his instrument, the South African didgeridoo, clutched on his bloody hands. The harder Jamie works, the more suspects pop up like a game of Whack-a-Mole, but Nick Dimitropoulus, the state’s attorney handling the case, refuses to consider any other suspect than Adam … until Duke turns up some interesting information, along with something Jamie’s been seeking for years: information about her father, who she’s never met.

The Case of the Killer Divorce

Jamie’s client, Becca Solomon, is battling her soon-to-to-be ex-husband, Joe, through a bitter divorce, when just a few days after their last custody & visitation hearing, Joe turns up dead.

And just to make things interesting, a rogue by the name of Marmaduke Broussard III, otherwise known as Duke, leaves his office, a barstool at The Big Easy, long enough to stroll into her office with information — and a photo — of her father.

Turns out Joe overdosed on booze and sleeping pills … that were prescribed to Becca. And just like that, the Widow Solomon is the prime suspect in his murder.

While mulling the case, Jamie runs into a handsome man who just happens to be her teen boyfriend, Kip Simons, adding spice to the already-charged atmosphere. And as Nick ramps up the pressure on Becca, Jamie wonders if her client will be convicted of murder.

Peril in the Park

While waiting for her father’s immigration request to be approved, Jamie starts getting emails from I-C-U@gmail.com threatening Kip if he doesn’t back off. What to back off, the missives don’t say. Doesn’t help that he’s suddenly evasive and hard to track down, with an attractive Indian woman answering his phone. Add a conundrum involving her dad, and Jamie is the definition of all shook up. Turns out Kip is battling bad guys, BFF Grace helps with the dad dilemma, and Duke chases down the psychopath who killed a fellow private investigator at a Renaissance festival, with a little help from a purple-haired goth chick. The battles are personal this time, and Jamie’s in no mood to grant clemency.

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