I Can See Clearly

Luc Ponti is a 15-year-old Silicon Valley basketball whiz hoping for a shot at the NBA when he has a near death experience. He meets his paternal grandfather, who passed away before he was born and now tells him he has to return to Palo Alto. When he reluctantly does, he finds himself in possession of amazing superpowers that research scientists, and later the CIA, want to use, no matter the stress it causes Luc.

Several friends help him along the way, most notably Bella and Eric. A Bronx-born Tibetan monk named Thay guides him in the use of his new superpowers, enabling him to put them into use without harming himself or innocent others.

This engrossing YA novel is perfect for teens or adults, as author Jim Cusumano addresses weighty issues in the voice of an intelligent and inquisitive teen. Readers are able to follow Luc’s journey and watch him turn from an easygoing youth to a thoughtful, perceptive young man in this first-in-series title.

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