Hailey Webb Doubleheader: Hot off the Press and Act it Out

Hot Off the Press

Hailey Webb is in the job market for the worst of reasons: on the day before her wedding, at the rehearsal dinner, she walked in on her fiancé and one of the female cater waiters. At the time, she was working in desktop publishing for a SoCal lifestyle magazine, and fiancé was also her boss, so she quit.

After enduring several months of punishing penury, she lands what seems like a joke job: working as an assistant/errand runner at the Palm Shores Gazette. It pays next to nothing, but it’s income.

After finding the bodies of two divers in quick succession, Hailey and her coworker Mike, a reporter, investigate the deaths and how they’re connected to the company both divers worked for, Pearlrovers. Hailey has already gotten the runaround from their PR person and is picking up genuinely awful vibes from the remaining divers. The pressure ratchets up when she finds her former fiancé left his previous job after their breakup and went to work for Pearlrovers, a move that doesn’t match the career plan he outlined to Hailey when they were engaged.

What will happen when everything at Pearlrover is exposed to sunshine? And just who’s behind the divers’ murders?

Act it Out

Now settled into her assistant job at the Palm Shores Gazette, Hailey is shopping for furniture using Mike’s truck when he calls her with a major scoop: hunky screen heartthrob Amery Fitzgerald has shot his female costar and stolen a plane in order to escape pending murder charges. The plane is low on gas, so Fitzgerald returns it to the airport, but then steals Mike’s truck … and Hailey’s carefully chosen furniture. To add insult to injury, he also forces her to withdraw $2000 from her bank account to fund his run from the law.

She and Mike are working together again, and while on a reconnaissance mission, some cover-up cuddling leaves Hailey confused. Does Mike want her as his girlfriend or just a dependable Gal Friday?

Through a side job she and bestie Kat land delivering catered dinners each night, Hailey picks up incredible gossip and a few actual facts, like which stars can really act rather than just look pretty, which actress always demands high-dollar eats the producers aren’t willing to pay for, and how a working, loaded gun landed on the set. She thinks she’s discovered who the killer is, but a late-night encounter reveals her guess was way off base. Will Hailey make it out alive?

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