To Love and to Perish

Rochester’s premiere wedding planner, Felicity Phillips, is busily arranging the ceremony and events for Tamara Bleakwith and her fiancé, Tarquin Tremaine, when her inexplicably ill father, Derek, is pushed off a balcony by his frustrated partner in Orion Printing, John Ramsey. Shocked by what she witnessed and bound by her long friendship with the Bleakwiths, Felicity begins investigating Ramsey and the mystery sickness that has reduced the once-vital Derek to a pain-riddled shell of himself.

Joining Felicity in her investigation are Amber, her feisty ragdoll cat, and Buster, her irrepressible Adventure Dog (better known as an English bulldog), with whom she’s able to communicate. Long widowed, she’s appalled by the romantic interest of Vince Staples, a charmingly roguish private investigator who provided security at Felicity’s last celebrity wedding. Widowed three years earlier, Felicity is in no mood to welcome a man back into her life, but Vince does have the tendency to pop up when she’s in a pinch.

As Felicity rushes to lock down the ceremony so that the young couple can be married before Derek’s health declines further, all sorts of puzzles and mysteries pop up like a game of Whac-A-Mole. Her focus leads to the answers needed for the nuptials to proceed.

After all, she’s an old friend of Patricia Fisher.

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