Podcast Review: LeVar Burton Reads

Storytelling comes naturally to LeVar Burton — a generation of kids grew up on Reading Rainbow— and now those adult kids, and everyone who appreciates good writing, can listen to Burton read short stories aimed at grownups in his podcast, LeVar Burton Reads. Currently in its eighth season, he chooses from a wide selection of science and speculative fiction, African American writers, authors of great renown, and writers from around the world. His first story, Bruce McAllister’s Kin, is one of the most moving science fiction tales ever spun, and he follows up with a second-season interview with McAllister, as well as other authors. Other stories include Neil Gaiman’s Chivalry, The Foster Portfolio by Kurt Vonnegut, Tobias Wolf’s Flyboys, and Childfinder by Octavia Butler. It’s a great way not only to experience a selection of the world’s best fiction, but to hear it in Burton’s mellifluous voice. You won’t be sorry you listened, but you don’t have to take my word for it.

Available on all podcast platforms, but ad-free only on Stitcher.

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