Poodle versus … Books 0 – 4 (Cottage Country Cozy Mysteries)

  • Poodle vs the Bikers — Zora hires new reporters Brady and Olivia for the Williamsport Whistle, and Brady bargain-bunks with a crew of old bikers. He enjoys their company until a criminal relative shows up and uses a code word to text Zora and Olivia for help.
  • Poodle vs the Assassin — Zora uses the wrong bathroom at a political meeting she’s covering for the paper and unwittingly becomes an aural witness to the death of Mayor Fred Phipps. Then she finds out one of her reporters had been dating him. How will she and the staff of the Whistle find the murderer without becoming the next victims?
  • Poodle vs the Mob — Out for an early morning walk, Rocco and Zora find a body buried in concrete on the building site for the King William Mews, where she’s purchased a penthouse apartment. Who killed the much-despised town employee and sealed them in the building’s foundation? There are so many suspects.
  • Poodle vs the Killer—It’s Williamsport Festival Week and the pranksters are out, coloring dogs and rearranging signs to spell silly things. However, they can’t be blamed when a member of the Galaxy Orchestra, the openers of the festival, is found dead near the washroom. Did the volatile conductor lose control? Or did Olivia, who’d been invited to play with the Orchestra, fatally bump off her rival? Classical music conceals malignant intentions.

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