Poodle versus … Books 5 – 9 (Cottage Country Cozy Mysteries)

  • Poodle vs the Yeti — The reporters of the Whistle are included in a camping trip to nearby Black Spruce Island to showcase all the newest camping gear, but the owner of Bushwhacker Outfitters is found dead beneath a cliff the morning after their arrival. While on her way to the facilities during the night, Zora spots what looks like a Yeti, but knows she’s not seeing a legendary figure — especially after she finds two ragged pelts in tree branches. What, or who, killed Williamsport’s premier outdoorsman?
  • Poodle vs the Butcher — Who killed a moose, dragged it to a hunt camp dealing with a selling dispute, and viciously butchered it, in addition to stabbing one of the camp’s stalwarts? When money is in the mix, the Whistle’s staff know they’ll have their hands full solving all the mysteries around the bodies.
  • Poodle vs the Fake Santa — While out on their morning walk, Zora and Rocco come across a Christmas display whose Santa looks a little too real. Someone has bashed in the head of the local curmudgeon who played Santa Claus at the mall and hid his body in plain sight — on the pristine lawn of the new hospital CEO. The deceased had many enemies, so the Whistle’s staff have a dickens of a time trying to determine who sent this particular Santa on his eternal way.
  • Poodle vs the Vigilante — a self-appointed eco-vigilante is prowling Williamsport, imposing his views on unsuspecting citizens. But when Zora finds activist Sylvia Blaine atop a bed of garbage bags in sub-freezing weather, she and the Whistle staff wonder if the vigilante is also responsible for her assault. Can they find the attacker?
  • Poodle vs the Outlaw — it’s been a year since Brady and his pond hockey teammates found a young man’s body under the ice at Highlands Resort, but they’ve had no luck in solving the mystery of his identity. A chance meeting solves that problem, but there’s a lot of danger ahead for the Whistle staff.

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