Iggy the Iguana – The First Day of School

Izzy the Iguana’s class takes a field trip to the beautiful lake on the edge of the Happy Forest.  Izzy and Froggy the Frog decide to race to the lake.  When the race concludes, Izzy decides to play a joke on the rest of his classmates, which Froggy isn’t too thrilled about at first. He eventually changes his mind, though, and both boys enjoy a good belly laugh when Slithy the Snake takes an unexpected dive into the lake.

The action attracts the attention of Miss Turtle, Iggy’s teacher, who explains to him why his joke wasn’t a good idea. Will Iggy understand Miss Turtle’s concerns or continue misbehaving?

Lia Manea has written an engaging book about awareness and empathy for young readers ages 3 – 10, the second in the Happy Forest series.

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