Kurious Kats and the Fourth of July

Taffy,  Snickerdoodle, and Marshmallow find a lot of red, white, and blue shiny things throughout their house. They happily play with all the items until Ned, their human, tells them to stay our of the decorations because he has friends coming over for a Fourth of July celebration.

Marshmallow wonders what’s so special about the date, which Snickerdoodle uses to introduce a brief lesson about Independence Day, covering the Thirteen Colonies, taxation without representation, and the Boston Tea Party.  He makes sure to include some very important cats like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and that cat with the big signature on the Declaration of Independence, John Hancock. Inspired, Marshmallow adds her signature to the founding document.

All these facts help Taffy and Marshmallow enjoy the day with their human friends, who are all decked out in the colors of the holiday.

All the photos in the book are “authentic,” although Photoshop is liberally used to cap the cats with wigs and hats, ring them with sparkling colored lights, and add Marshmallow’s signature to the Declaration of Independence. Although adults will recognize the additions as such, children are sure to enjoy seeing the cats and their humans spiffed up for one of the country’s most important dates.

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