Hissy Fit

Keeley Rae Murdock’s fiancé, Andrew Jackson Jernigan, has a particular hiccup that only surfaces during intimate encounters. So to hear that hiccup coming from the boardroom of the Oconee Hills Country Club during their rehearsal dinner, where she finds AJ and her maid of honor, Paige Plummer, alerts her to mad hanky panky on the eve of her wedding.

So Keeley throws a hissy fit. Trophies, china, Limoges party favors, glassware – she throws it because, in addition to AJ’s cheating, she’s already endured having her silk dress ruined by a flying margarita. She even curses at her longtime minister, Dr. Wittish.

In the aftermath, the Jernigan clan tries to ruin the interior design business, Glorious Interiors, that her Aunt Gloria has spent building and in which Keeley is now a partner.  They’re saved by a red-headed newcomer, Will Mahoney, who has come to Madison, Georgia to produce the world’s best bras in what used to be a textile town, and purchased Mulberry Hill, a dilapidated plantation house, to renovate into a showplace that an Atlanta lawyer, who Will hasn’t actually met yet, will fall in love with him.

What follows is one of Mary Kay Andrews funniest, as well as poignant, novels, and she makes sure there’s plenty to be had. Keeley and Gloria are given an impossible deadline to design and fill Mulberry Hill, while Andrew remains clueless that the Atlanta lawyer is more interested in his bank balance than actually falling in love with him. When events reach a tipping point, Keeley’s hissy fit seems like a minor interruption.

In a world filled with cheating fiancés, rich inventors, and gay best friends, can Keeley find a happy ending? If Mary Kay Andrews has anything to say about it, she certainly will.

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