The Wilkes Insurrection

Ford Wilkes is a rich man with a dark secret: he hates assertive women and people of color. His way of dealing with this is to hire someone to attack those he views as his enemies: his own personal terrorist, Obaid bin Latif, a jihadist who has devoted his life to killing and terrorizing his enemies. So in the aftermath of a horrific commercial plane crash on Offutt Air Force Base, when Wilkes sees Major Tamika Smith, an African-American soldier, carrying John Humboldt, a white businessman, out of a ditch in a photo that goes viral, he’s so enraged that he swears personal vengeance on the pair.

As Wilkes funnels cash to bin Latif for more attacks, Smith and Humboldt devote their time to figuring out who set up the explosion that threw Flight 209 onto government ground, as well as more attacks, such as a train blasting as it rolls into DC’s Union Station. Meanwhile, a secretive man in rural Virginia who deals on the dark web is spurred by the airline disaster to investigate his buyers and begins connecting the dots between former clients.

As the attacks continue and bin Latif continues to evade capture, Tamika and John find themselves hip-deep in the nationwide search for the terrorist, which draws them into unknown levels of intrigue and spycraft. It’s a riveting journey no one should miss.

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