Razorblade Tears

Isaac Randolph and Buddy Lee Jenkins have never been friends, but when their sons are murdered, execution-style, in their home in Richmond, Virginia, the men are determined to find those behind the murder and bring them to their own style of justice.  Neither man was comfortable with his son being gay, much less the fact that Isiah was black and Derek was white, but the fathers band together to rain down hell on those who murdered them.

The pair find themselves up against tremendous odds, such as gangstas and biker gangs, but they refuse to fail. What drives the men is regret for the homophobia they showed their sons while they were alive, and the deep shame of having failed their dead sons. A tiny girl named Arianna, their granddaughter, also pushes them on, a determination to protect and raise her in honor of her fallen fathers.

S.A. Cosby’s novel takes readers on a tour through the back roads of small, gritty towns of Virginia as Isaac and Buddy Lee search for a girl called Tangerine, who appears to be connected to why the married couple was killed. When they finally break the mystery open, the truth is shattering.

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