An Explanation for My Absence

I’ve been gone from the blog for a long time; my last post was on March 31, nearly six months ago. Like a lot of creatives, I lost my mojo; as I battled amorphous anxiety, I turned to streaming and watched entire series (The Office and Parks and Recreation are favorites). I didn’t read. In fact, I’ve only read one book since March, something I never thought I’d be able to say; it was a Canadian cozy, but one I won’t review for the blog because I’ve reviewed nine of this series’ books.

I’m trying to get back into writing — I have an author interview I’ll post as soon as I write a review for the author’s wonderful first book — and a particular project brewing (comparing a book and its streaming adaptation).

I should be back by October. Hopefully sooner, but I’m consciously not forcing myself. Thanks for your patience.

— Book Review Gal

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