Changes in Latitude, Changes in Attitude

While out running errands, I was reminded that Valentine’s Day is coming, which hasn’t been a concern of mine for nearly two decades. However, I started dating a nice man in October and have gifted him twice since (birthday and Hanukkah), so it’s a holiday I plan to celebrate with him. He’s a hardcore science fiction fan and has indicated he’d like to get back to reading after a period of hardcore streaming (sound familiar?), so I ordered him a paperback copy of one of my favorite post-apocalyptic books, Station Eleven. Wanted to buy it from Powell’s, but with shipping and taxes, a used copy was not only pricey but ESTIMATED to arrive February 10, cutting way too close for my insecure comfort. So I bought a new paperback from Satan’s Favorite Online Store with free shipping and it arrived today, which is plenty of time to wrap and hide it for the Big Heart Day. He knows it’s something for him, because I had it sent to his house, where I’m staying during a busted-pipe emergency, and took it gently but quickly away from him with the explanation “not now.” Hope he likes and reads it. (And no, he doesn’t know about this blog, mainly because I haven’t seen a reason to mention it.)

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