An Urgent Tip Jar Plea (Please Read)

I don’t advertise on the blog, but I do have a tip jar with a dedicated PayPal link. No one has contributed since I opened shop in May 2019. I’m making a humble (and embarrassing) plea for donations. My 2010 Ford Escape needs a labor-intensive mid-four-figures repair, and any help would be most appreciated. I really don’t want to sell my truck — I live in a rural area and need a reliable AWD vehicle, and I hate asking friends for rides, because even when they say yes, I can tell they resent the intrusion. So please consider dropping some cash in my tip jar, or check out my business page link on the menu to see how I can provide professional writing and editing help.

I also welcome the opportunity to provide services on my business page, which has a link on the blog menu.

I value your follows and thank you sincerely.

Best —

Book Review Gal