About Me

English major and early-retirement librarian, I’m a lifelong reader of just about anything in print. I read widely, but my favorite genres are mysteries and any book featuring dogs, cats or both (which accounts for my fondness for cozies). Now that we’re living through a real-life pandemic, my taste for post-apocalyptic fiction has waned as that genre has moved to the current events section of the library. I’ve never been a fan of steamy romance or erotica.

I’ve developed a taste for independent writers since acquiring a Kobo e-reader and Kindle. I beta-read for several authors, but have no fiction-writing aspirations of my own; to quote author Tim Kreider, “I don’t know how to reconcile the necessities of plot with anything resembling real life. I just don’t understand life well enough to make things up.”

Most of the books I review are from my personal library, and I paid for them or received them in exchange for my email address. Right now, due to a generous influx of books from authors, for which I’m so grateful, I’m not accepting anything for review. I need to finish the ones I’ve received.

Get in touch at agirlandherbookreviews at gmail dot com. I look forward to hearing from you!