Dog-Eared Delinquent

The law firm of Longfellow, Peters, and Associates has hired an assistant for Angie, now that she’s part-time, and he’s Peter Peters, the annoying cousin of new partner Bethany. When Angie inquires about his qualifications, Peter spits out “I’m her cousin, and I work for minimum wage.” From his first day, Peter makes sneaky andContinue reading “Dog-Eared Delinquent”

Kitty Confidential

Angie Russo is making coffee for a will reading at Fulton, Thompson, and Associates, where she works as a paralegal, when the ancient coffee machine delivers a shock that knocks her out. A few moments later, she’s hit with the overwhelming scent of tuna and hears a sarcastic male voice that soon reveals itself asContinue reading “Kitty Confidential”

Terrier Transgressions

Since Mr. Fulton’s hasty departure, the firm has taken on a new associate, Charles Longfellow III, and assigned him what promises to be a no-win case: a local couple, Bill and Ruth Hayes, were slain in their soon-to-be-sold home, and there are no witnesses, only the circumstantial evidence that the slayings were committed with handymanContinue reading “Terrier Transgressions”

Hairless Harrassment

Angie and Octo-Cat are moving into his former home — a mansion where the cat door opens automatically in response to a chip in his collar — when she hears that Senator Lou Harlow, who lived next door, was found at the bottom of her grand staircase. Turns out the suspects in Senator Harlow’s fallContinue reading “Hairless Harrassment”

Bad Dog and the Sicilian

Now that Houdini and his family have moved to a new neighborhood, he discovers there’s a new sheriff in town, so to speak … a scarred tabby with big yellow eyes, known to all as The Sicilian, aka Il Capo. And while he reluctantly bows to her demands, he realizes he can help The SicilianContinue reading “Bad Dog and the Sicilian”

Star Cat: Infinity Claws

From a workstation on the moon in the twenty-second century, where a team has monitored strange screeching noises emanating from Saturn for six years, a member calls his family, only to notice that the family cat, a female, reacts strangely to the sounds coming through the transmission. By this pure chance, USARIC, the American-Russian consortiumContinue reading “Star Cat: Infinity Claws”

Megan’s Birthday (Megan’s World Book 4)

Megan is about to turn 14 and is quite busy: she’s just become an aunt to baby Fred, her four kittens are thriving, and her pet-sitting business is going well. In fact, she has a new client, Mrs. Stevenson, who has entrusted her with sweet but nervous Bentley, who doesn’t like other dogs and doesn’tContinue reading “Megan’s Birthday (Megan’s World Book 4)”

Star Cat: Pink Symphony

Now that Jelly’s heroics have catapulted Space Opera Beta into another dimension known as Pink Symphony, matters grow even stranger. The ship has landed on a surreal pink beach straight out of a Dali painting, complete with bizarre approximations of forest and marine life intent on devouring anything in their path. In addition, the ship’sContinue reading “Star Cat: Pink Symphony”