Karrin: Warrior Child

In a bleak 22nd century London, a little girl is found washed up on a beach. Deemed worthless, she’s taken to the Home, where children of no societal worth are put into service away from citizens. Matron takes an instant dislike to the little girl, but Cook sees a spark in the bedraggled child whoContinue reading “Karrin: Warrior Child”

Rocket Fuel Pee: Omega Meltdown

After his destructive departure from London, Dave finds himself in a private jet on his way to the United States firmly in the clutches of Frank, the nasty piece of work who heads the Omega Group, as well as the mysterious and secretive Omega Central, which funds all the research Dave‘s pee of destruction hasContinue reading “Rocket Fuel Pee: Omega Meltdown”

Oops A Navy

Shelby and Earl are, to phrase it politely, two of the stupidest Navy SEALs to ever emerge from training. Their combined ineptitude inspires Navy brass to pair them for a top-secret mission to Cuba to find a missing Senator, whose safe return is the only guarantee nuclear war won’t obliterate the planet. What a sensibleContinue reading “Oops A Navy”