Little Feather (Miranda Riley, Book 1)

Miranda Riley is dealing cards in Vegas when her boss comes to her table and lets her know there’s an emergency phone call for her in his office.  It’s Jack Winslow, the police chief of her hometown, Little Feather, Oklahoma.  Eve, her private investigator mother, has been reported missing, gone for more than a week, and Jack thinks it’s time for her to come home and help with the search.

So she loads up her Mustang and makes the 20-hour drive back to Little Feather, where she finds her mother is indeed missing without a clue to her whereabouts. And when she discovers a secret “bunker” in her mother’s office, the mystery grows even more puzzling, because not only does Eve Riley have a ton of money in the bank despite living modestly, she also has an impressive armory of sigil-engraved guns, silver bullets, and a remarkable collection of silver bladed weapons.

A neighbor, Joanne, who sees lights in her mother’s office and hopes she’s returned, clues her in to what’s really going on in her mother’s life, as well as introducing her to Eve’s corgi, Hank. And a visit to the local alpha werewolf – a devilishly handsome man named Jesse – leads her to a suspect who may have Eve in custody. But nothing is sure as she and Jesse embark on a nighttime rescue.

This is cozy mystery writer Dianne Harman’s first venture into the paranormal, and she acquits herself well, with the assistance of prolific paranormal writer Krystal Doolittle.  Readers are rewarded with a spellbinding story that showcases the introduction of a young woman into the world that parallels our own.