Late for Shuffleboard

This book will be released July 15, 2019. The Senior Sleuths have a new cold case — an elderly man, Nelson Greeley, was murdered and his dog, Soldier, is missing — but the real excitement isn’t criminal: lifelong bachelor Herman, who’s always felt he missed his one chance at love, is entranced by retired showgirlContinue reading “Late for Shuffleboard”

Late for Bingo

For their second cold case adventure, the Way Over the Hill Gang investigates the 10-year-old murder of single mother Theresa Lopez, a motel maid who was brutally murdered in her living room. The only clue the file contains is that Theresa and her daughter, Eleanor, were planning to buy a used car for the teenContinue reading “Late for Bingo”

Late for Dinner (The Way Over the Hill Gang, Book 1)

Herman, the former handy man of the Painted Lady Inn, now lives in an assisted living facility, where he misses his old life in Legacy and wonders about his worth in the world. Then Marcy Collins, a 40ish police officer recovering from a traumatic work-related cruiser crash, recruits him and a few other spunky residentsContinue reading “Late for Dinner (The Way Over the Hill Gang, Book 1)”